Modern Man Suits

Sculpted Suit Blazer
Sculpted Suit Blazer
$160.00 - $170.00
$96.00 - $124.97
Tailored-Fit Jacket
Tailored-Fit Jacket
Tailored-Fit Wool Blend Trouser
Tailored-Fit Wool Blend Trouser
$49.97 - $79.97
Elevate your style with modern man suits from Banana Republic Factory. Discover a range of tailored fits and classic designs to suit any occasion.
Our modern classic suits feature plain weave and satin options, perfect for a sleek and sophisticated look. Tailored to perfection, these suits exude timeless elegance and versatility, ideal for both formal events and professional settings.
For a contemporary and polished style, opt for our tailored-fit suits. With options like tuxedo trousers and light gray suit trousers, these suits offer a modern twist on classic tailoring. The tailored fit ensures a sharp silhouette that is both comfortable and stylish.
Add a touch of texture to your wardrobe with our modern classic heather suit trousers. These trousers combine style and sophistication, making them a versatile choice for various occasions. Pair them with a matching jacket for a complete and refined look.